Training Courses

The following training courses are accredited under the Scheme.

For licensing information contact the provider.

Impronova AB, Dester Associates and Softwcare SL

  • ISO/IEC 330xx Foundation
  • ISO/IEC 15504-5:2012 Process Assessment Model for Software Lifecycle Processes
  • ISO/IEC 29110-3-1:2015 Process Assessment Model for Very Small Enterprises (VSEs)
  • ISO/IEC 330xx Assessor
  • Instructor Led Assessment Case Study

Training Providers

The following training providers are accredited under the Scheme.

  1. Impronova AB (operating in Europe (except Spain and Portugal), Middle East, India – languages English))
  2. Dester Associates (operating in Australia, Asia (except Middle East and India) – languages English) )
  3. Softwcare SL (operating in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Mexico – languages English, Spanish)

Training Course Events

Contact the training provides directly for latest course schedules.