The International Assessor Registration and Certification Scheme (ARCS) (the Scheme) provides for the

  • Registration and certification of process assessors trained and qualified in the principles and practices of process assessment performed against the relevant international standards.
  • Registration and certification of process improvement professionals trained and qualified in the principles and practices of model based process improvement performed against the relevant international standards.
  • Accreditation of training providers and training courses that provide the relevant education, knowledge and skills needed as a prerequisite to registration and certification

Assessor Registration and Certification

Assessor Registration and Certification is directed to:

  • Internal process assessors e.g. those who usually perform internal assessments usually for the purpose of internal process improvement
  • External process assessors e.g. consultants or those employed or working on behalf of purchasing organisations or third party certification bodies (registrars)
  • Process practitioners e.g. consultants, quality personnel, process improvement teams
    Registration and certification of assessors is available, without restriction, to all applicants who satisfy the stated requirements.

There are three assessor grades:

  • Assessor
  • Lead Assessor
  • Principal Assessor

The Scheme allows for both the registration of assessors (assessor grade) and the certification of assessors (all grades)

Information on Assessor Certification

Training Providers and Training Courses

Criteria are specified both for the accreditation of training courses and the accreditation of training providers.

Requirements for training courses include the knowledge and skills to be covered during the course. Requirements for training provider organization include the administrative procedures set up and training instructors.

An accredited course may be delivered by several accredited training providers if, for instance, a training provider has licensed an accredited training course.

Information on Training Providers and Training courses